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Live Streaming Packages with Zoom Meeting option

Now broadcast live your Conferences, Speeches, Events, Weddings, Award Nites, Product Launches etc.

Now broadcast live your Conferences, Speeches, Events, Weddings, Award Nites, Product Launches etc.

When one need a professional look, stable image, good audio quality or wishes to use more than one camera, we could help else your personal mobile is just fine.


Explore live streaming services on Zoom or other platforms – we handle the live broadcast hours, while your video feed remains under your control.


Consider single-camera shooting and live streaming, perfect for speeches, demos, tutorials, etc.


Explore the option of live streaming your events with multiple cameras, perfect for broadcasting seminars, conferences, award nights, product launches, etc.

Live Streaming

Now go live with your Award Nites | Events | Weddings | Product Launches…

Paxton Equips is embracing the evolution of live streaming services as a natural extension of our equipment rental and video production offerings. We provide comprehensive solutions for both single-camera and multi-camera live coverage web streaming.

In India, the momentum behind web streaming, also known as live streaming, is undeniable. From CEOs seeking direct engagement with clients, colleagues, and subordinates to companies broadcasting live conferences, the applications are diverse and growing. Surgeons are showcasing surgeries, brands are launching products to a global audience, and families are broadcasting weddings to loved ones across the globe.

Many large corporations now maintain in-house channels exclusively for employees and associates. With global operations, these companies require a platform to disseminate news and updates worldwide. Web streaming facilitates this, enabling live broadcasts of videos, speeches, tutorials, Q&A sessions, and meetings, fostering a sense of participation among associates regardless of location.

Not long ago, TV was the sole option for live coverage. However, the prevalence of mobile screens in India now surpasses that of TV screens. Platforms like Ustream and Live stream initially catered to corporate and niche audiences, while YouTube Live and Facebook Live have broadened the scope, allowing public events to be launched live online. Webcasting is increasingly favored by companies to reach target audiences, especially as internet speeds improve and data becomes more affordable.

The advantage of mobile screens is that high-quality footage isn’t essential; streaming at 720p suffices for excellent viewing experiences. While mobile phones offer a convenient streaming option, they lack the capabilities for professional-grade multi-camera setups or superior audio and video quality required for high-profile events.

Paxton Equips offers a comprehensive range of equipment and skilled crew for both single-camera and multi-camera webcasting, catering to various events including conferences, weddings, product launches, CEO speeches, and entertainment shows like Filmfare Awards. Clients appreciate the convenience of a one-stop solution for shooting and live webcasting, enhancing their online presence and engagement.

The cost-effectiveness of internet broadcasting compared to traditional TV is significant, with lower telecasting fees and production costs. With India boasting the second-largest number of mobile screens globally, the trajectory of web streaming is clear. As mobile companies reduce data charges, web streaming is poised to become the preferred method for television viewing as well.

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